Louise Findlay

Fine Artist based in North Yorkshire

About Me

Louise Findlay – BA (Hons) Cert.Ed.

Having taken early retirement from teaching in 2011, Louise now works in her studio in North Yorkshire, teaching privately and producing work for exhibition and commissioned pieces.

Botanical Work

The colour and structure of plants and flowers are the most important aspects of her botanical work. She is predominantly interested in nature’s delivery of exquisite colours and the way in which flowers and plants can suggest fragility and grace or architectural splendour. Scale too can also be a strong factor. Louise particularly enjoys working on a very large scale as she enjoys emphasising the sheer beauty of a specimen.

Louise tries to embrace the accuracy and detail of botanical art but prefers to approach botanical subjects from a more painterly perspective.

Landscape Work

Louise is drawn to both wild open and farmed, agricultural land within Northern England and also the Highlands of Scotland.

She finds the land constantly compelling and is attracted to the ever-changing seasons and weather conditions. Most of her work is initiated in situ and completed in the studio. By referring to the many sketches she makes and photographs she takes, this process allows her to be more creative with materials. Her work is constantly evolving and is always inspired by colour, light and texture. 

Louise endeavours to convey and project through her paintings a sense of atmosphere and the essence of a place; sometimes using pictorial references to establish a definable composition but increasingly attempting to create a balance between representation and expressive creativity. She finds the combination of realism and abstraction an ever-challenging prospect.

Louise exhibits frequently at The Station in Richmond and she is always seeking new venues to showcase an ever increasing portfolio.


Louise finds the organic nature and structure of plants an enjoyable parallel to the architectural structure and symmetry of buildings. She is interested in historical architecture but prefers more commonplace buildings such as cafes and florist shops; shop windows provide fascinating reflections.

Previously Louise has worked on several projects including a series of watercolours recording the historic buildings of Yarm High Street on Teesside. 


Commissioned work is welcome, subject matter, scale and medium is all open for discussion. Louise has a busy schedule and allocates only a small percentage of her time to such pieces of work. 

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